When it comes to fast-road suspension, there is no substitute for high-quality coilovers. While you can accomplish remarkable outcomes on your own by using the combination of lowering springs and sport dampers, however, they are still going to be limited in terms of functionality.


Springs and sports dampers sold as separate parts have to level up to the authentic components physically, and this means that they can only adjust somewhat of the car’s functionality. However, when you have suspension as a matched set, a plethora of possibilities open up.


Here are a few compelling reasons why fit Lowered suspension is the perfect choice for your car.


Capable of going lower than the conventional springs:


Lowering springs tend to go down at a depth of about 45 mm, at the most. On the contrary, a Coilover offers a lowering possibility of up to about 65 mm— You may go even further down in some car models. In fact, a Coilover is widely preferred to achieve ultra-low, slammed car look.



Almost every fitting KW Coilover will allow you to adjust your car's height accurately, either for positioning or balancing corner weights. Based on your choice of Coilover, you may also have adjustable damping option to gain extended control over your car handling—Based on the finesse of your chosen Coilover. a damping can have a knob adjuster setting of 1 – 4.


A few highly advanced versions of Tein Coilovers even allow you to control the damping settings through a button from inside your car or even through an app on your phone.


A controlled riding experience:


A common phrase to describe a riding experience having a good quality Truhart Coilovers is "firm, but not harsh." Using a larger piston-rod makes it possible to control damping more accurately. You may also opt for single-tube damper, also referred to as monotubes. These have some significant benefits over the conventional options, especially if you intend to drive your four-wheeler hard for an extended period. Since the oil and gas are kept separate inside the damper, you don't experience foaming that could otherwise affect the damper performance.


Coilovers often tend to have a better quality, efficiency and advanced damper than many of the units that are sold independently, as long as you keep away from the price-pointed items at the entry-level.

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